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Monthly Archive: May 2020

The New Age of Letter Writing

Lady Writing a Letter by Albert Edelfelt, 1887

Even with all the quick and snappy ways of keeping in touch with friends and family – texts, emails, video calls – I have never given up writing letters.  Real, physical letters that you stuff in an envelope and slap a stamp on.

Originally, I had thought of calling this blog “Letters at Breakfast” because it has always been my fantasy to have a voluminous correspondence. I dreamed of coming down to breakfast and finding a pile of letters at my plate.  That this would mean acquiring 1) a cook to prepare the breakfast, 2) a house parlor maid to set the table and put the letters at my place, 3) a postman to deliver the morning mail by 7:30 or 8 a.m., and 4) friends and family to engage in this back and forth letter writing, are mere incidentals.  As for the blog title, the posts would have been my letters in return. (more…)


The porch hallway after being stripped

Apparently, you don’t actually need a pump sprayer and a power washer to strip a porch floor and railings.  Tools on hand, if they include a plastic pail, a paint brush, a scrubbing brush and a garden hose are just fine.  It helps if you are single-minded and a bit crazy, but it is probably not essential.

In a way it is unfortunate that this project ended with such satisfactory results.  It will do nothing to stop my delusion that I can do anything with the junk lying about the cellar and garage, and I will continue to dive into things best left to the professionals. (more…)

The Very Endless Porch Project

Back porch on its way to becoming leprous.

Because 1) my thoughts on the state of the Commonwealth, Country and World are not printable; 2) I haven’t assembled any thoughts on another book commentary; 3) I haven’t been anywhere beyond the back garden to write about; 4) The Moose is working from home and so unable to provide me with any comic relief; and 5) it is past time for another post, I thought I would just offer a peek into what is going on here in lockdown in the middle of nowhere.

I can sum it all up by saying that I am having a A Very Hungry Caterpillar week.   (more…)