Not The Target Market

Monthly Archive: February 2017

Fake News

I like lemons, strawberries, avocados and tomatoes. And while I understand the whole “eat local” enthusiasm, were I to adopt it, I would have strawberries only in June and tomatoes in August and lemons and avocados never. That seems a bit rough.

I also love having someone else butcher my meat, restaurants when I’m too tired to cook, flush toilets, and hot showers in the morning; continuing the list of my favorite things, I can’t forget antibiotics when my winter cough lingers into pneumonia. There’s more, but you get the idea. (more…)

Dueling Pianos

Last night The Hunter and I were invited by friends (The Deacon and The Artist) to what I would call a “Dueling Pianos Thing.” It’s not a concert. It’s not a straight performance. And it’s certainly not just a regular exhibition by skilled musicians. In this case, the audience is integral, and contributes dance moves and sometimes lyrics, both of which may be either skilled or unskilled, depending on the performers. I suppose one could call it a spectacle designed to provide food and beer money for the piano players and fun for the attendees. (more…)

Patience, Grace and All Too Ordinary Life

I have been very tempted to comment on the news. I haven’t, as is obvious by the gap between recent posts. All I find myself capable of are acidic, only-too-obvious and not at all charitable statements, which do not elevate, entertain or amuse. There is already far too much humorless acid in this sorry age, and not nearly enough to smile about. To counteract that, for the foreseeable future I intend to post only pieces that could be categorized as a palate cleanser or an amuse-bouche, which hopefully will  be good for our collective blood pressure.

Among the things I sorely lack is patience. The solution is not to pray for it because God in His wisdom will not answer your prayers by bathing you in the stuff. He knows that anything you come by easily isn’t valued as it should be, so He makes you work for it. Instead of giving you heaping dollops of patience, He gives you heaping opportunities to practice it. I find this out every time I include something like: “Please I need to be kinder and patient” as I foolishly did last Sunday when we were instructed to silently add our needs during the Prayer of the Faithful at Mass. (more…)