Not The Target Market

Monthly Archive: October 2016

We Aren’t Living in a Video Game

zombie-ammoToday while I waited for The Hunter to finish his business at a sporting goods store, I browsed among the guns, fishing tackle, compound and cross bows and outdoor gear. I don’t need a thing, but it’s always fun to look.

Why I never stumbled across the “zombie hunting” crossbows and guns, before, I don’t know. I am over-the-top appalled. (more…)

A Modern Halloween


Images that would illustrate my point turned my stomach. I prefer these pumpkins.

Here is what bothers me about Halloween these days: it has turned into a celebration of blood and gore. Haunted hayrides display tortured bodies hanging in the orchards and fields. Fright houses exhibit scenes of pain while spewing “blood” at the gawkers. (more…)

Signs of the Times

cat-in-the-hat-for-presIt seems to me that the “signs of the times” reveal more in what they are not proclaiming, rather than in what they are.

In the last few weeks, the Hunter and I, separately and together, have driven over a good part of Massachusetts. Along the way, we have seen a total of seven “Trump” signs, one “Hillary” sign, three “Hillary for Jail 2016” signs, one “Everybody Sucks We’re Screwed 2016”, and one “Curly for President” (as in Moe, Larry and Curly). In addition, I have been given to understand that there are some “Cat-in-the-Hat for President” signs in the next town over. I have not seen a single Johnson sign. (more…)

I’ll Take Mine with a Key (and No Screen), Please

2015-ford-flex-3When the Brits come for a visit, I rent a larger car so that we can all go places together. This last one was a Ford Flex – you know those cars that clearly want to be old Woodie station wagons, but, due to something horrible happening to the plans, they ended up as anime hearses instead.  (more…)