Not The Target Market

Writer / Designer

Don’t let the title of this site fool you. While I, personally, may not be The Target Market, I know who is and how to reach them.

My strength in combining writing and graphic design is that I look at communication as the background for every project. This means a design that is easy to follow and understand, in which the information is “chunked” into sensible pieces and draws the eye along, with clear copy in an appropriate typeface.

Furthermore, I understand how when marketing, emotion sells more than logic. I also understand how to use the emotional “hot buttons” of greed, fear, anger, guilt, exclusivity and need for approval.

And finally, having spent a long time in the printing industry, I understand how to design to take cost out of a printed project.

Whether you need clear, well-written, punchy copy, some graphics work, or just an editor, get in touch and we can talk.