Not The Target Market

Reboot Season

shady-porchLike the French and Italians, I appear to have more or less taken the month of August off. Unlike the French and Italians, who no doubt planned and looked forward to their holidays, this lapse of mine was purely unintentional. A casualty of the press of life. Or perhaps just sheer sloth.

Now that we are well into September, the traditional month for rebooting one’s brain, I intend to reboot the blog, as well. (more…)

An Embarrassment of Eggplant


Very Yummy Eggplant Lasagna

Before there was even a hint of it in the food magazines, I used to cut up green and yellow squash and use it instead of pasta under a tomato sauce. For the past two years food magazines have had all kinds of recipes for this “healthful” option. (Although I’m not sure you need a recipe to chop squash and pour tomato sauce over it.)

In our CSA distribution last week, there were two very large and very fat eggplants. Which means we are having eggplant rather a lot just now. Today, not feeling like breading it and making a “parmesan,” or chopping it and making a ratatouille, I decided to slice it length-wise and use it in place of lasagna noodles. (more…)

Sleep and the Modern Baby

baby-sleep-clipartI was whining to the poor, long-suffering Hunter this morning about life: about how stressed I am both in the things I am supposed to be doing, but can’t, because they are all contingent on other things that aren’t done or aren’t clear yet, as well as on the state of the world in general. He sighed.

“It’s clearly time for another blog post,” he said.

“Of course, it’s time for another blog post,” I replied. It’s been over two weeks since the last one, but I don’t know what to blog about. Besides, all I really want to do is rant. And that is so non-productive.” (more…)

A Sort of Synthesis of Schall and Warren

elections-2Edith Stein once wrote about a fellow student that while she (the fellow student) was a good enough person, she was not at all a deep thinker. She was more of a synthesizer, taking other people’s ideas and weaving them together. This in Edith’s eyes was an intellectual sin, as she demanded from others what came so easily to herself: brilliance and original thoughts. I admire Edith for many things, but she wouldn’t have approved of me in the classroom, as I, too, am a synthesizer. (more…)

Hacks: Fresh, Sparkling and Otherwise


Illustrated hack for getting up early

It seems that all advice these days is packaged as a “hack.” There are kitchen hacks, garden hacks, travel hacks, gaming hacks, tech hacks, organization hacks, storage hacks, fashion hacks, DIY hacks, beauty hacks, writing hacks, cleaning hacks, life hacks, and “real” life hacks, – and those are only the first ones I came across. I have no doubt there are many others. In short, there is most likely a book or site that will fill you in on “hacks” for wherever your interests lie. (I do have to admit to being puzzled about the difference between life hacks and “real” life hacks, though. I have a sneaking suspicion that perhaps “real” life is what happens to adults, and so perhaps one could assume that those “real” life hacks are for serious situations, only? Like how to get up for work or school?) (more…)

Beer – If It Doesn’t Make You Happy …

Spencer Trappist ale…It will break your heart.

Beer (under which category I also include ale and stout) is a subject I have been musing on since lunchtime. Today, The Hunter and I wandered about the New England countryside and, conveniently, when we were hungry, found ourselves on the doorstep of the Farm Table in Bernardston, MA. The Farm Table sources everything within a 50 mile radius of the restaurant; they have creative dishes and it is always a treat to eat there.

They also have an earnest, young wait staff, eager to please. Sometimes they manage, and sometimes they don’t. An example of the first is when the waiter took our order and asked me: “What will you have miss?” (more…)

Isn’t this the Obivous Meaning of TP?

In a family of artists, writers, marketers, designers and in general wise-guy, pain-in-the-ass types, we can’t help ourselves.  If there is an occasion to dissect, chop up, second guess, re-purpose, or find double, triple or quadruple meanings in anything, we will do it.

Let me make it clear before going on that we are all appalled at the choices in this coming election.  However, if there is ever a time when we can’t see humor in a situation, well, it must be that we are all dead.  This afternoon we are having a fine old time with the Trump Pence logo.  Some of it is better left within the family.  I think, though, that my brother and his wife have hit on a marketable product….


Cleaning up 8 Years of Obama’s Shit

The 4th of July and a Quintessential American Card Game

fireworks playing cardsThe Hunter and I went to a Fourth of July gathering yesterday. When we arrived, a Pitch game was in progress and we were invited to join right in. This was a problem for me as I have never, ever played Pitch before, and for some reason thought it had to do with throwing pennies at a wall. Therefore, not wanting to bring anyone who should be so unlucky as to play on my team to grief, I declined. (more…)

I Am Not Young Enough to Know Everything*

kids-on-phonesIt has been a busy last few weeks. Now that the baby shower is over, I am catching up on my “piles.” In an effort to tidy up for a houseful of guests, I swept up unread newspapers and magazines, several books, pads with multiple lists (generally with the same items) and who knows what all else into eclectic piles and stashed them in closets and drawers. I am now weeding through to see what I missed.


Which Shall it Be: Hope or Experience

DI WhySomehow, I have managed to acquire a very undeserved reputation for being competent. Most of the time my vanity is kept firmly in check because I know the truth only too well; however, every once in a while I make the mistake of actually believing my press clippings and the result is usually an ill-advised DIY project. (more…)