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Monthly Archive: April 2020

Some Thoughts on Weeds

The troublesome garlic mustard.

It was an almost warm, dry winter.  It is now a cold, wet spring.  As I type this, on April 27, it is raining and 38 degrees.  Adding to the general specialness of the day, there is a hard northeast wind blowing.

The garden flowers may be hesitating until it gets a little warmer, but the weeds are out and about. Over the past few weeks, I have spent a lot of time attempting to get these prolific, shameless intruders under control. When one is on one’s knees in the dirt, one has a lot of time for thoughts and these are mine. (more…)

Two Things …

… I would have told you today about COVID 19 if we had been able to have a glass of wine and a salad together on the patio of a little neighborhood café.

Prologue:  After lunch, as The Hunter left to go scouting for a good turkey hunting spot (the season opens next week), he asked what I was going to do.

I said: “I don’t know.  Maybe write.  I’m way past due for a blog post, but I’m not sure what to write about.”

He replied: “I should have thought that you would have had something to say about COVID 19 by now.” (more…)

The Shadow of His Wings

It is supposed to be the story of a priestly vocation, but the book The Shadow of His Wings, by Fr. Gereon Goldman reads more like an action thriller.  Done right, it would make a fabulous movie – the kind of Mission Impossible movie where every five minutes it seems the hero is done for – but, instead the plot twists and the hero finds himself in yet another incredible situation – the kind of situation where, if these Mission Impossible heroes were Christians, they would be praying the Hail Mary as fast as they could. (more…)