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Monthly Archive: August 2019

The Grammy Chronicles and Deep Philosophical Questions

The Moose turns three. And for all that I am somewhat wild-eyed in this story, I am delighted to be his “Grammy.”

Child watching is supposed to keep us grandmothers young.  If this is true, and I suspect it is really a Big Fat Lie, then why is it that all my bones ever want to do at the end of the day is pile up in a heap in some quiet corner?  And why, at noon, do I crave a gin? Every day.

And why is it that I don’t rise sylph like from the floor after a session of playing cars or trains or whatever.  Instead, this rising gets uglier and uglier, and needs more and more leverage. If I actually succumbed to the gin, I could understand this difficulty with rising, but I have restraint. (more…)

It’s Time to Hear from the Nobodies

I am absolutely nobody. I am a grandma, not a politician, super athlete or celebrity. I have no following on Social Media. I am barely on Social Media. No one cares two cents for my opinion. That doesn’t stop me from giving it.

Over the past several weeks it seemed to me that commentators were snarkier and snippier than usual. This happened across the spectrum, on every topic under the sun, by people who wouldn’t know civility if they tripped over it, and by people who should know better. (more…)