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Smart Tags to the Rescue!

Last night, once again, I was hit over the head by how uncool and hopeless I am. How lacking in vision, how 20th century, how mismatched for modern life.

Paging through a travel magazine I read about a “must have” travel accessory: a package containing a Bluetooth enabled smart tag that you put on your carryon and three smaller “taglets” that you attach to the essentials you want in that bag. Wallet, keys and phone were the suggested essentials. And then once you download the app and pair the tag with the taglets, you can check and see if everything (or at least your three tagleted items) are aboard by pushing the smart tag on your tote.

If the tag shines green, you are good to go. If it shines red, something is missing. The app, we are warned in the article, drains your phone’s battery as it needs to run constantly in the background to keep track of your three items. In extolling the wonder of all this, the author felt a drained battery is a small sacrifice.

It struck me that this is very how much how mothers run: constantly and in the background, taking care of everyone’s stuff. The difference is the batteries they drain, are their own.

Something that doesn’t drain batteries is paper and pencil. In weighing tags and taglets against paper and pencil, we could call p and p “the hopeless old fart solution,” but one that will leave you skilled for life.

With paper and pencil, you make a list of what you will need, and once the items go into your bag, you check them off. It’s pretty simple and you are not limited to just three items. Before you walk out the door, you double check that you have whatever is important – I would suggest passport, wallet, phone, tablet, meds, book, etc.

Even more brilliant is that a bit of paper and a pencil doesn’t cost anywhere near the $80 that the “starter” set of tag and three taglets does.

I am perfectly willing to admit that I may be missing something here: maybe in the mad rush of life there is a real need to spend money and drain phones for these tags; maybe a pressing problem has now been solved in a new and brilliant way.

The immediate problem that comes to mind are those people, young and old, who without their mother reminding them to button their coats, take their lunch, turn in their homework and put on their mittens, are always lost and unprepared for life. For those who have downloaded their brains into a computer, a phone, a GPS, an app, (or even their mother,) and cannot function without being powered up, these tags appear to be an attempt to “re-skill” the “de-skilled”

I find it mind-boggling.

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