Not The Target Market

Monthly Archive: May 2017

Some Things Just Don’t Work

In the grand scheme of things I have absolutely nothing to complain about. All my problems are First World Problems. I know that. Still, I don’t understand why someone would design something that is so clearly not suited to its purpose. And then sell it. Sometimes I spot these design flaws before I hand over the credit card; other times I don’t. Lately I have been really annoyed with some of the times that I didn’t. (more…)

Customer Service Adventures

We are all a bit ruffled around here these days.

My agitation started with trying to contact Aer Lingus on their “customer service” line to order a gluten-free meal for a soon-approaching trip across the pond for The Engineer’s First Communion.

So far I have waited 46 minutes, 28 minutes, 10 minutes and 7 minutes on hold, each time being interrupted and having to hang up before getting through, if in fact one can get through, which I am beginning to doubt. I’m not even counting the innumerable times I got a busy signal or a “your call didn’t go through” message. (more…)


The weather is dithering: we have been late spring hot in February, winter cold in March, hot and cold in April, with that alternating pattern continuing to whiplash us into May. I was silly enough to pack away all the winter things in April. I had to burrow for a fleece top last weekend. And now it is 95 degrees and humid. If I didn’t know better I would say it’s July, which is why I maintain the weather is dithering. (more…)

Grammar Tip: Use Does Not Equal Utilize

Consider this line from Joy in the Morning by P.G. Wodehouse:

“Her ladyship wishes you to convey it to its destination personally, realizing that, should she entrust it to the ordinary channels, the gift will be delayed in its arrival beyond the essential date.”

No one talks like this. Certainly not in the 21st century and I doubt very much in any preceding one, either. P.G. Wodehouse uses this hyper-correct and overly formal style as a signature for Jeeves, his hyper-correct and overly formal ‘gentleman’s personal gentleman.’ When reading a Bertie and Jeeves novel, you don’t need the tag “Jeeves said” because you know it’s him speaking. Every time. (more…)