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Monthly Archive: April 2017

Pop of Color

The phrase pop of color: I think every decorator in the world and every writer who writes about decorating must use it; it appears in just about every article in every home design magazine. I can only think that it was on the decorator final exam and repeatedly stressed as something that must be said to show one’s serious credentials.

To put it simply and brutally – pop of color is twee and overused and banal and lazy. I thought writers and interior designers and style mavens were supposed to be creative. Creative is not using the same old words over and over. (more…)

Setting a Date

Setting a “firm” date of “next week” always seems like a good idea when you need to begin something you really don’t want to do. It gives you the feeling not only of progress, but also of virtue – as if you have begun already. If you want to really get specific, you can always pencil it in “a week from next Tuesday.”

I thought about this this morning as I rocked The Grandbaby Moose while he slept. I have been rocking this young Moose for the past seven months and it is just about my favorite thing to do. The Moose has skin that might as well be made of rose petals; he is cuddly plump with creases and dimples in all the right places; and he snuggles right in. What’s not to love? (more…)

Three Spring Goals

The Hunter has three standing goals every spring.

The first is to build a fire that can be seen from space. He is always eager to light that match, and for the past five years, we’ve managed some pretty spectacular fires.

This is largely due to the crazy weather we had in 2011: a tornado on June 1, a microburst at the end of July, an earthquake in August, followed a few days later by Hurricane Irene and finally, in October, 18” of heavy, wet snow, which left us without power for a week. (I should say ‘which left me without power for a week’ as The Hunter conveniently left for a conference in Reno the day after the snowstorm. Had I been blogging then, I imagine I would have had quite a lot to say about the differing quality of our lives during that cold, dark week.) (more…)

Expect the Unexpected – Then Smile

The Hunter and I took The Baby Moose to the noon Mass on Friday in the Cathedral chapel.

As tired as he was (why do babies refuse to believe that naps are good for them?) this Baby Moose was as good as gold throughout. He divided his time between smiling at people and staring intently at the altar. This Moose is a stop-people-in-their-tracks-beautiful baby, and that combined with his perfect behavior, meant we had a lot of attention directed towards us.

The funniest part of it all was that a number of people thought he was our baby.  Some of the older gentlemen went so far as to look at The Hunter in a mingled grudging respect/What The Hell kind of way.  I can only attribute this mistake to the age of the congregation (they need glasses), or the soft lighting in the chapel. Or perhaps my moisturizer is really all the label says it is.  (more…)

Novels Revisited, Or What I Should Have Said

In general I think that snarkiness and ranting do more to obscure than illuminate a problem. I am thinking specifically of my last post on the modern novel. What I should have said is this:

Without a belief or worldview that there is absolute, knowable truth; that beauty has discernable form; and that goodness is an ideal to strive for, all you have is unanchored nonsense. And I find nonsense both boring and a waste of time. Which is precisely my problem with the shallow books I pick through in hopes of finding something that will speak to my soul. (more…)

Unkind Thoughts on Modern Novels

I will admit right up front that I don’t read a lot of novels. I prefer nonfiction, especially memoirs, letters, or history. So perhaps the following paragraphs, which are highly critical of the state of the modern novel and the publishing industry, are a little unfair as they are based on cover impressions, not in-depth reading. But, somehow I doubt it. (more…)

Lambrusco: the goat cheese of wine

Lambrusco. I am told it is making a comeback in the U.S., but having quite a hard slog of it. Those of us of a certain age remember it well: cheap, red, sparkling and shatteringly sweet; the headache wafted out as soon as it was uncorked. It was nothing that one would intentionally buy after one ceased being a student and had a job and a little money. (more…)

More Thoughts on Bears

I find myself peering out the back windows into the woods, examining every rain-darkened stump or rock, wondering if it was there before or if it’s my friend the bear thinking about a return visit. Or if not my friend, then one of his buddies. In short I am jumpy.

Then I walk down the hall and my peripheral vision catches sight of a nice size bear cub sitting on the guest bed. And I really jump. Except the bear cub is just a rather good-looking stuffed toy that The Hunter set up there to keep The Moose amused while his diaper is changed. (more…)