Not The Target Market

We Aren’t Living in a Video Game

zombie-ammoToday while I waited for The Hunter to finish his business at a sporting goods store, I browsed among the guns, fishing tackle, compound and cross bows and outdoor gear. I don’t need a thing, but it’s always fun to look.

Why I never stumbled across the “zombie hunting” crossbows and guns, before, I don’t know. I am over-the-top appalled.

I have a license to carry, and there are occasions when I do. I am in no way against the right of responsible adults to carry a gun. However, when it comes to selling very dangerous, real weapons for the fantasy of killing zombies, I draw the line. What good does anyone – from manufacturer to distributor to retailer – think can come from this sick blend of reality and fantasy?

Rifles and shotguns and crossbows are all tools. They have their place. But, handled improperly, they are dangerous. They are for adults who treat them with respect. And I have a really hard time believing that anyone who is attracted to the zombie marketing is an adult who will do this. If you think the zombie marketing of weapons is a good idea, then you are too immature to own one.

The obvious answer from the manufacturers, distributors and retailers is “but that’s what people want.”

People want a lot of things that aren’t good ideas. Do you let a seven-year-old drive a car? A twelve-year-old stay out all night? A sixteen-year-old drink a bottle of scotch? Obviously not. There are concerned adults who prevent these things.

So, let me be the adult here and explain a few things to the manufacturers, distributors and retailers:

It doesn’t matter if people want zombie gear; it’s a bad idea. It is a juvenile mixture of video game fantasy and dangerous reality. There is absolutely no need for this product. And it is only going to end badly. You are already being attacked for your legitimate products. Why do something this stupid? Something which shows your critics were right all along. Something which shows you will overlook anything for a buck.

You are currently protected from lawsuits when your guns are used in a tragedy, but people are looking for an opening to change this. And frankly, this could be it. If a “zombie” weapon were used for a mass shooting, then I would join the chorus for suing all of you right out of business. 

You aren’t selling video games. Guns aren’t toys. Don’t market them as if they were.

zoombie-survival-kit zombie-crossbow


  1. The Yeti

    I wish i could have said it better myself; but I wouldn’t have come close. Nice job!

  2. Queensland Gun Trader Last Hours

    Enoyed reading your page and the comment were interesting and some are pretty amusing to say the least. Keep up the good work.


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