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Signs of the Times

cat-in-the-hat-for-presIt seems to me that the “signs of the times” reveal more in what they are not proclaiming, rather than in what they are.

In the last few weeks, the Hunter and I, separately and together, have driven over a good part of Massachusetts. Along the way, we have seen a total of seven “Trump” signs, one “Hillary” sign, three “Hillary for Jail 2016” signs, one “Everybody Sucks We’re Screwed 2016”, and one “Curly for President” (as in Moe, Larry and Curly). In addition, I have been given to understand that there are some “Cat-in-the-Hat for President” signs in the next town over. I have not seen a single Johnson sign.

Even though Massachusetts is always gift-wrapped and waiting for the Democratic nominee, there are always lawn signs – lots of them for both sides – during a presidential election. This year not so much and that seems so very odd.

I can only conclude that a lack of signs indicates there are very few real supporters of either candidate – that both candidates are so flawed no one wants to admit supporting either of them. That we want both of them just to go away. That everyone is grateful for the anonymity of the voting booth.nopeandnoper

It occurs to me that everyone is hoping that somehow, some way, some day just before the election there will be someone else to vote for. It’s rather like waking up and thinking that a white sweater would be just ticket with your new jeans. Only you haven’t got a white sweater. But you really really know that a white sweater would be perfect, so you search your closet for one, knowing full well it isn’t there. And when you are standing there half dressed and late for your appointment and finally have to choose something else – something you already have, you still continue to stare and wish – because you really really wanted that white sweater and nothing else seems right.

Would that this election were as simple and unimportant as buying a new sweater.

The saddest thing about this is that so many – I would suggest – the majority of the country sees what a disaster this election is, and yet there is no way to rein it in and provide some adult candidates who, instead of calling each other names, can talk about ideas and policy and real fixes for a very sick country.

On the other hand, perhaps no one would listen because we are all too busy calling each other names.  In that case, the two candidates represent the face of who we are as a country.  And so we will get what we deserve.


My artistic sister-in-law made her own lawn sign.


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