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Reboot Season

shady-porchLike the French and Italians, I appear to have more or less taken the month of August off. Unlike the French and Italians, who no doubt planned and looked forward to their holidays, this lapse of mine was purely unintentional. A casualty of the press of life. Or perhaps just sheer sloth.

Now that we are well into September, the traditional month for rebooting one’s brain, I intend to reboot the blog, as well.

Whether I can stick to my resolution of posting 2-3 times a week remains to be seen. Sloth has a way of interfering with my plans. It doesn’t seem to matter if I “firmly resolve” to write regularly, pray more, pick up the house, clean out and organize the cellar, garage and crawl space so that the children aren’t left with a mess, cook proper meals, or weed the gardens – the sofa and the unread pile of books suddenly become irresistible. (And often as not, it is not even an “improving” book that calls. It is a decidedly “non-improving” magazine.)

And then there is the matter of a nap. My very wise granny from Kentucky taught me that you should always have a nap on your list, and you should aim to get it out of the way first thing.

In the heat of August, nothing seemed so important as a glass of iced tea, a shady porch and a nap. You have to give it to the French and the Italians for recognizing this (although perhaps they tend to substitute something else for the iced tea) and shutting down business in August. It is brilliant. It ranks right up there with their invention of champagne and prosecco.

But, alas, as I said, August is now over and it’s reboot time, so goodbye nap and hello “the rest of the list.”

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