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Monthly Archive: September 2016

Some Delicious Cultural Appropriation


Pernil – yum!

“Cultural Appropriation” has unfortunately appeared in my sights as something else the politically correct class is whining and whinging about. Some recent examples:

Apparently if you are a white chef, you are not allowed in a Bon Appétit video to pronounce on your own preferences regarding the making of Vietnamese pho. (more…)

Winning isn’t Everything; It’s the Only Thing*

ready-for-footballThe Hunter is a die-hard football fan. The Patriots are his team. Since I am a die-hard fan of The Hunter, I take more than a passing interest in football, and to make it all nice and cozy, I, too, root for the Pats.

The Packers were my father’s team. I remember watching the first Super Bowl with him and “our” delight when the Packers won. This is why I insist we continue to cheer them on as well. Come play off time, I have even been known to announce that if the Super Bowl comes down to the Patriots and the Packers, I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite, and would in fact be happy, no matter the outcome. The Hunter is appalled at such heretical nonsense. (more…)

Words Really Do Mean Something


Not Just Any Words Will Do

Mass isn’t what it once was at our parish. Our pastor is on medical leave and the current stopgap does not read more than the first paragraph of the gospel, drops great chunks out of the Mass prayers and rewrites the remaining ones.

Everyone says, “Oh, that’s just Father X. He’s always been like that…” (more…)

Reboot Season

shady-porchLike the French and Italians, I appear to have more or less taken the month of August off. Unlike the French and Italians, who no doubt planned and looked forward to their holidays, this lapse of mine was purely unintentional. A casualty of the press of life. Or perhaps just sheer sloth.

Now that we are well into September, the traditional month for rebooting one’s brain, I intend to reboot the blog, as well. (more…)