Not The Target Market

Isn’t this the Obivous Meaning of TP?

In a family of artists, writers, marketers, designers and in general wise-guy, pain-in-the-ass types, we can’t help ourselves.  If there is an occasion to dissect, chop up, second guess, re-purpose, or find double, triple or quadruple meanings in anything, we will do it.

Let me make it clear before going on that we are all appalled at the choices in this coming election.  However, if there is ever a time when we can’t see humor in a situation, well, it must be that we are all dead.  This afternoon we are having a fine old time with the Trump Pence logo.  Some of it is better left within the family.  I think, though, that my brother and his wife have hit on a marketable product….


Cleaning up 8 Years of Obama’s Shit


  1. Sue


  2. Barbara Cole

    Shocked I tell you; shocked.


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