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Monthly Archive: June 2016

I Am Not Young Enough to Know Everything*

kids-on-phonesIt has been a busy last few weeks. Now that the baby shower is over, I am catching up on my “piles.” In an effort to tidy up for a houseful of guests, I swept up unread newspapers and magazines, several books, pads with multiple lists (generally with the same items) and who knows what all else into eclectic piles and stashed them in closets and drawers. I am now weeding through to see what I missed.


Which Shall it Be: Hope or Experience

DI WhySomehow, I have managed to acquire a very undeserved reputation for being competent. Most of the time my vanity is kept firmly in check because I know the truth only too well; however, every once in a while I make the mistake of actually believing my press clippings and the result is usually an ill-advised DIY project. (more…)

Love and Hope Wear Blue


Mother Olga of the Sacred Heart

It had been my intention to follow the last post on Pesky Serpents with more lighthearted piffle on shoes, squirrels, smoke detectors and sprinkler systems, but frankly the state of the world seems even more serious and sad than usual, and continued piffle felt a bit Marie Antoinette-ish – that is to say, inappropriate.

A lot of serious words were written over this past week and I was tempted to add to them. Then, I found the things I thought about saying were said much better here  or here 


Pesky Serpents

baby_bunnyYou may wonder why the title of this post says “Pesky Serpents” and there is a picture of a cute baby bunny.  This is because this blog does not support pictures of snakes.

Last week, The Hunter asked when I was going to write about snakes. I have no idea why he asked me that. It’s not even a normal question. He should be well aware by this time that snakes are not an acceptable topic of conversation around here. (more…)

Kindness Is Always In Fashion

kindness-boys-on-pathThe Model and I went for a power walk this morning. As she stepped out in stylish exercise wear, she looked like she was ready for a photo shoot. Even without makeup or her hair done, she looked beautiful.

I, on the other hand, showed up looking like I just staggered off the boat: Ratty, ancient stretched-out (more…)

Anniversaries, Jane Austen and Goodbyes

bath-old_bond_stA concatenation of circumstances led me to the following piece, which I had written a number of years ago.  I smiled when I re-read it, and as it has the advantages of being finished, as opposed to the piece I was writing for today, which is decidely not finished, I decided to post it.

We were two Jane Austen heroines in search of a better background for our goodbyes than the poky hotel in Watford. What could we do except head for Bath?   (more…)