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Monthly Archive: April 2016

Fire Rainbows

fire-rainbow-2For all I announce that I have evolved into an appreciative gardener, as opposed to an enthusiastic one, today found me acting as if I once more possessed enthusiasm. (more…)

All Women Become their Mothers…


What is currently missing in my life…

I used to be a much younger, incredibly enthusiastic gardener. Today I would say I am an appreciative gardener. As in I very much appreciate strolling about in all kinds of gardens, admiring the views and smelling the flowers. I am not quite as enthusiastic about rolling in the mud as I once was, or sweating buckets, or maintaining a sharp demarcation between the dirt and the grass, or even weeding. And I’m much older. (more…)

Frizzy, Damaged … Wineglasses

washing-dishesBefore I buy shampoo I have to decide if I am a blonde, redhead or brunette (which is not as easy as you might think); then I have to classify my hair as dry or damaged or colored or fine or curly or normal (whatever that is) or some kind of a combination of various conditions. And these are only some of the choices that I can remember. At the grocery store, the shampoo aisle goes on and on. There have been times when I have walked down this aisle, reading the labels, and then walked out of the store in despair because there were simply too many kinds of hair soap to make a decision. (more…)

Stonewalls and Cellar Holes

stone-wall-1The Hunter and I went exploring a new patch of woods the other day. Perhaps exploring is not quite the right word. Exploring implies direction and urgency. I should say that The Hunter and I went wandering in a new patch of woods. It was a delightful patch, too, with easily negotiable paths, unexpected brooks and lots and lots of stonewalls. Quintessential New England. (more…)

Illusion is the First of All Pleasures

ocean-goingThe J. Peterman Company catalog arrived in the mail today. Looking through it, I get the impression that I am both, at one and the same time, The Target Market and Not The Target Market. Quite a feat to pull this off, I think.

There is nothing at all of the real world in the way this catalog features the men’s and women’s clothing it sells. That
alone makes me super qualified to be on the mailing list. To begin with, there are no photos that might lend a dreary sense of practicality and 9-5-ness; just dreamy, watercolor illustrations – reminiscent either of a designer’s idea board or one of those charming travel journals / sketch books that look so easy and appealing when tossed off by intrepid Edwardian explorers. (more…)

A Turkey Postscript…

There is an epilogueTurkey-face-plant to yesterday’s turkey observations.

An unfortunate six inches of April snow sent The Hunter out to clean off his truck. Over the past few weeks, when the turkeys have been in residence, they have watched as people have gone in and out of the house and yard. The Toms and their harem would stop and look at what was happening, and then continue about their own business. This morning, however, they took exception. Perhaps they had read the blog. Perhaps they realized The Hunter had designs upon them. Perhaps they were just being turkeys with very little brain. (more…)

The Mating Season

wild-turkeys-springThe Hunter is interested in all wildlife. Whatever shows up in the woods or in the fields or on the lawn is always of interest. With turkey season just three weeks away, he is especially interested just now in what the wild turkeys are doing.

He has been watching one jake (an immature male) round up his harem in anticipation of Young Love in the Spring Time. (more…)

New and Not Improved

do_not_start_fireI need a toaster oven that won’t send the rice cakes up in flames the minute my back is turned. When I told The Hunter how, once again, before I’d even had a calming cup of morning tea, I had to shovel yet another blackened, flaming rice cake into the sink, he sighed. And wondered why I couldn’t simply toast “normal” bread like “normal” people. (The Hunter, while completely at home and fearless in the wilderness or off-shore, tends to get a little skittish around things (more…)