Not The Target Market

A Collision in Time

writing_womanSome years ago I mused on the idea of starting a column – this was in the days before blogs. I would call it “Musings of a Medieval Mind.” I ended up deciding against the column because, upon reflection, it seemed I would be accused of burning witches, hating my own sex, and ridiculing science. And all this before anyone read a word beyond the title.

I still could, and no doubt will, be completely misunderstood and accused of all of that and more in this new venture, but I am hopeful that it will happen a little farther into the project.
However, right here, upfront, let me state categorically that I think burning witches is the antithesis of what a civilized person does; that my best and dearest friends are women; and that while I don’t find science as fascinating, as say, someone smashing up particles in Cern would, I have no objection to it. In fact, far from objecting, I am very grateful for some of the results such as antibiotics, anesthetics and indoor plumbing.

Nevertheless, I continue to think that the medieval mind has it all over the modern version, for two simple reasons. The first is that a medieval mind had a starting point and that starting point was not itself. It was God. The medieval mind saw God as the center of everything. It looked at God, not itself. Those minds knew where they came in the pecking order and it wasn’t first.

The second reason that I think the medieval mind had it all over the post-modern version is that the medieval mind didn’t have a starting point. Time for it was cyclical, not linear. A medieval mind understood that progress is not a straight line. It was not something that ran as fast as it could down the road, scooping up every new idea as it came along, only to jettison it a few steps later while it embraced the next new thing as the (temporary) savior – both personal and universal. It did not repeat this high speed grab-and-toss over and over, faster and faster, until it was so far down the road and in such a confused state that it didn’t even remember what had happened in the immediate past, let alone more distant times.

The so-called Enlightenment, in vaulting man and his non-stop progress into the center, and making God optional – for the sophisticated, beautiful people anyway – has a lot to answer for.

This crazy, self-regarding, high-speed, high-tech modern world gives me a headache. There is way too much noise and very little of it makes sense. To add insult to injury, it doesn’t even know it doesn’t make sense. Common sense and logic apparently aren’t part of the modern equation. I find this incredibly frustrating.

I get a lot of these “confusion headaches.” There is a lot I don’t understand. And that, mostly, will be the subject of this blog. This means it will be that lowest of low creatures in blogdom – a personal blog. I have been given to understand that personal blogs are to be avoided, that one should write about a special subject such as food or crafts or gardening or DIY or marketing advice or tech advice or something – anything, where one can “provide value.”

Believe me, I’ll give plenty of advice; moreover, I would find it limiting to confine myself to one subject. When I am not trying to understand politics or sports or education or the media’s idea of a good story; or when I am not scratching my head over chance encounters with fashion, cars, food trends, art, movies, music, books, furniture, or fill in the blank here with any consumable you can think of; then I will probably descend to that lower life form of “personal blogging” and fill in with some slice of life adventures, an observation on the natural world or even a recipe or two. You will have to look elsewhere for DIY tips.

Since the title of this blog is “Not the Target Market,” you should have expected all this right from the beginning,

Several characters will have recurring roles. You can read about them in the About pages. The inspiration for the blog and the one who will probably pop up most frequently in these pages is “The Hunter.” He is an author, a first class business consultant, an off-shore captain, an experienced woodsman and a crack marksman. A bit of a renaissance man and someone who seems to say, at least once a day, “But sweetheart, you are Not The Target Market.”

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